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Registration Fee is required in order to sign up for dance classes. 

  • If registered by July 20th, receive an Early Bird discount of $10 by using the promo code EARLYBIRD23.
  • For a sibling discount of an additional $10 off for 2 or more dancers, use the promo code SIBLINGPLUSEARLY23 (expires July 20th) or SIBLING23 after Early Bird deadline. 

1 registration fee required for each child dancing.

Registration Fee

  • Don't forget to sign up for dance classes after adding Registration Fee to your cart! 

  • Have multiple children dancing with us? That's great! We offer a discount for you!

    • Now until July20th; SIBLINGPLUSEARLY23 to receive $20 off each child registering to dance
    • July 21st and forward; SIBLING23 to receive $10 off each child registering to dance
    • Promo codes entered at checkout

    The Sibling discount has no due date and will be available indefinitely! 

    Be sure to update the quantity of Registration Fees in the Check Out Cart to ensure you have a registration for each child. Enter the name of the specific child in which you are registering when completing the registration fee cart form.

    • A form should be submitted for each child as well. This form is fond on the REGISTRATION page of the website >>>RegistrationPage

    Thank you! 



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